• “Jazz came into my life at a very critical time.  When my mother was placed in a nursing home, I was required to put her home up for sale, clear out the house and most all of her earthly possessions.  Needless to say, this task was totally overwhelming.  Jazz was a Godsend!  She was objective, logical, trustworthy, but also, very compassionate.  A true professional.  Every penny paid was well worth it!  Jazz – a remarkable lady – providing a unique service!”  P.K. Cote, So. Easton, MA & Manchester, NH
  • "Jazz made selling and moving from my home an experience of grace and ease. In addition to being extremely well organized and a joy to work with, Jazz handled hundreds of details in a timely and confident manner. Hiring Jazz Personal Management is investing in peace of mind." Robin D. Kelley, Waltham, MA & San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • "When I was faced with the crisis of having to move out of my apartment unexpectedly, Jazz helped me to organize, pack and prepare for my move. She calmed me down, helped me to relax and in her own unique, humorous way, she assured me that we would get it all done in time to meet my deadline. I couldn't have done it without her!" Debbie L., Nashua, NH
  • "I can't tell you what a relief it was to have you help me in my office. Sorting out stacks of paper that I just couldn't part with, organizing files, and helping me develop systems have all been invaluable. You have made my life less stressful and I thank you for that." Warmest regards, Patti S., Framingham, MA
  • "Jazz's help in organizing my home office and closets has proved to be worth many times what I paid her. She provided valuable tips I am still using two years later!" Jack A., Wakefield, MA
  • "I needed a few new suits, but really do not like shopping -- actually I despise it. I was so, so grateful for Jazz's expertise, as she made it easy and fun!!! She definitely has a real keen eye for fashion. Thanks to Jazz, I have 3 stylin' suits now, and for the first time I actually enjoy wearing them 'cos they look good!" G.M.
  • “Since our work together, I’m more productive than prior, and Jazz has had a lasting impact on my work and life.  I certainly would encourage anyone who might consider employing her talents to ‘just do it!’”  Martin D. Merry, MD, Physician, Health Care Quality/Safety Consultant and Facilitator, NH
  • ”We have three small children, so it is easy for our house to get crazy and disorganized.  Jazz has helped us bring order into our home through organization.  The kids' toys are easier to pick up and there is no longer clean laundry taking over our living room.  Working with Jazz was a great experience!!”  M.P., Manchester, NH